Monday, December 30, 2013

Peninsula State Park and a Packer Victory, doesn't get any better than that!

Yesterday we woke up to very cold temps and a big wind chill.
We had a continental breakfast which meant walking over to another building here at the Landmark.
That short walk convinced us that snow shoeing was not on the agenda for the day.
Since we had never snow shoed before, we didn't feel that our first experience should be done in less than ideal weather conditions.
You know, we might dislike it just because we were so cold.
We checked out a local winery for a possible sleigh ride, that was cancelled, too, due to the wind.
We did do some shopping in the winery, of course, we did.
After that we did head to Peninsula State Park to do a drive through, but we surprised ourselves by actually hiking a bit.
While it was cold, the wind was non existent in the woods as long as we were away from the water.
We enjoyed our little hikes and took some more pictures for all to enjoy.

As you can see, we were more bundled than the previous day, but the hikes were still good.
After our adventures in the park, we drove up to the tip of Door County.

Now it really looks cold and desolate up there!
We ended up at Husby's bar and restaurant to watch the Packers/Bears game for the Northern Division Championship game.
It was not a disappointment.
It was so much fun to be surrounded by Packer fans and to watch such an exciting game that ended in our favor.
There were a few Bear fans there, two families with little kids.
They got quiet real fast when the Packers won.
Our big question was, "Wasn't there someplace in Illinois that they could watch that game?"
Returned to our condo, watched TV, and called it a night.
Today we woke up to minus 4, so not sure where we will be headed today!
Stay tuned.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Whitefish Dunes State Park and Cave Point County Park Photos

As promised here are the photos from our adventure yesterday.
There are few words but I think the photos speak for themselves.

Today despite very, very cold temperatures, John and I braved the elements and hiked at Peninsula State Park.
We captured some more beautiful photos which I will share tomorrow.
The day ended with a Packer victory which we watched at Husby's in Sister Bay along with many other Packer fans and just a handful of Bear fans.
It was a great place to celebrate such a great victory.
Now we are relaxing in our condo.
Check the blog out again tomorrow for some more photos from today.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Day 2-Milwaukee Art Museum and the Van Auken B and B

We left our motel in Addison around 10:00.
Pretty uneventful getting out of Illinois and into Wisconsin but of course, nothing is ever easy, is it?
We don't use a GPS because we like the old school maps better and I, personally do not trust the woman on my phone who directs me.  I believe that if you cannot trust your GPS lady, you just shouldn't use her services, so we use a map.
John is very familiar with Milwaukee, so we are throwing caution to the wind and not even using a map, however a bit of construction and a missed turn here and there led us straight to the Port of Milwaukee and a dead end at the Sewage Treatment Plant.
Retraced our route and finally found the Art Museum.
We decided to eat in the Calatrava Café. 
As soon as I see the menu, I recall why we don't like to eat in the Calatrava Café, but alas, we are here and we are hungry, so we will eat and we will enjoy it.
Funny thing is, we actually did enjoy it once I asked the waitress what a few items were on the menu.
There were some words I had never heard of, artsy cultured people have to use such fancy words for simple things, why is that?
Anyway after some tasty tilapia and pomegranate green tea we were off on our Museum adventure.
 One really could not beat the view at lunch though.
We had a great time just looking at all the art, reading and learning a few fun facts along the way.
Some of our favorite pieces are here:

 Now why didn't I think of this?
 The infamous janitor, we visit him each time we go there.
He always looks the same.
 This is a table full of glass, much of it broken.
I am trying to look like I caused all the breakage.

 This is called felt suit.
John says it is not a felt suit since it can't be felt.  HA
 I love, love, love the chair park.

We also discovered a wonderful area for kids.
Since we have an annual membership which we bid on and won at the Silent Auction, we plan to bring Tiz soon to check out all the activities available for her.

 They have these awesome life sized flannel type boards where you can make a picture with the items and then be in the picture.  Super cute.
This is a three d beanstalk just outside the kids area.
After spending about three hours in the museum we headed up to Oshkosh where we spend one night at Courtney and Paul's home which we fondly refer to as the Van Auken B and B.
We enjoyed pizza and beer at one of our favorite little spots in Oshkosh, Cranky Pat's.
And that brings us to the end of Day 2.
We left around ten today for our trip to Door County.
We were almost 30 minutes out of Oshkosh when I suddenly remembered that my black boots were still in Courtney and Paul's living room
I only had those boots and my winter hiking boots along, so I either would have to buy a new pair or go retrieve them.
We went back and got them which gave us an hour delay, but we still made it up to White Dunes State Park by 2:00.
We had a great time hiking out to Cave Point Park.
John took many photos which I will share tomorrow.
After our hike, we spontaneously stopped a restaurant in Jacksonport that served the best salsa ever.
John and I don't do spontaneous very well, but it felt good to step out of the comfort zone and head into the restaurant at 4:00 for margaritas and an early dinner still in our winter hiking attire.
I am so glad we stopped.
The food was awesome.
We are now checked into our condo at the Landmark in Egg Harbor.
P.S.- One more thing I need to document along with the gas cap fiasco, the dead end in Milwaukee, and the forgotten boots.
As we were approaching Sturgeon Bay after a bathroom stop, our car started beeping at us.
When John looked at the light, it was still saying low tire pressure which it has been saying for months, but this time it was beeping at us.
Just like our GPS lady, this car has a mind of its own.
We found a gas station, John filled all the tires, and we thought our beeping would be done, no such luck.
Finally, John looked down at the light mid beep and realized it was telling us that our back hatch was open.
Okay, then, tires are all full and we refuse to close the hatch until we get to our destination just to show some authority to our car.
What will happen tomorrow?
Stay tuned.
I know you are on the edge of your seat.
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