Sunday, October 30, 2016

Celebrating my mom's 88th Birthday and Halloween

Another busy, fun filled,, memory making weekend is coming to a close.
On Friday, everyone arrived and we started the Birthday celebration with the goody box opening and dinner at the Midpoint.
On Saturday, the festivities continued.
The girls enjoyed trick or treating downtown and marching in the Halloween parade.
It was a great weekend to celebrate a great lady.
Here are some photos from the fun.

I was toying with the idea, again, to stop this blog, but I am going to continue, just not as often.
I really want to keep this as a memento for future generations just in case anyone ever wants to read it.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Olympic Gymnasts, Sky Zone, and Halloween PrepW

We just took the girls home after a wonderful weekend full of fun!
I was able to get tickets to see the Olympic Gymnasts Tour on Friday night in Milwaukee.
John flat out refused to go due to his dislike for gymnastics exceeded only by his dislike of figure skating.
Luckily, Mallory said she would drive and go with us.
It was a great night.
I didn't tell the girls until we got there what we were doing.
They were pretty awestruck about the whole thing.
It was a great show and they were thrilled to see Simone Biles and her teanmates performing.

On Saturday, John and I took the girls to Sky Zone.
After all the gymnastics from the night before, I figured they needed to brush up on their skills if they hope to be as good as Simone one day!
We had never been to Sky Zone before, what a fun place!  We will definitely return.

After a nice lunch at Sky Zone, we bought some pumpkins, carving tools, and wigs, yes wigs, at walmart.
We decorated cookies, carved Jack o Lanterns, did some artwork, and wore the wigs for the rest of the afternoon.
After pizza for dinner, we watched movies.

Church today and then some play time before taking them home.
I love these memory making weekends with these sweet girls

Monday, October 10, 2016

A Weekend Recap

We had another very nice, busy weekend.
On Saturday we took a drive up to Medford to visit Terri and Mark, our old friends from Elkhorn.
The color was beautiful on the way up.
There is nothing quite as beautiful as fall in Wisconsin.
We got up there about 1:00, went out to lunch with them, chatted for a few hours over our meal, then they took us out to their new home which sits on 40 acres of land.
It's a gorgeous spot to retire.
The time went by way to quickly and soon it was time to head to Oshkosh to watch the girls.
We stopped for pizza and beer at Cranky Pat's before going to their house.
Here are photos from our visit to Terri and Mark's:
 This is Chelsea's salon.  Terri gave us a tour.  It's very impressive and decorated beautifully.
 A hike on Terri and Mark's land
 Terri and Mark's present house.  They will be selling this one eventually.
 Mark and John looking over the land
 Their new house
The pond on their land which is located right out of their bedroom window.

On Sunday, we lazed around until after lunch with the girls, then we took a hike out to Terrel's Island.
It was another beautiful day for a hike.
Tiz and Soli manned my camera and here are some of the shots they captured as well as some that I took too.

John and I also got to enjoy a dance performance from the girls.
They showcased moves from their dance classes, gymnastics classes, and Tiz's competition cheer team.
It was quite the show.
Here are a few photos:

Visit again in a week and see the exciting place that Mallory and I are taking the girls on Friday night
We are looking forward to it.
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