Monday, July 28, 2014

A 5K, an impersonator, and a rainy bike ride

Here is a summary of a weekend full of mixed emotions.
On Friday I had a wonderful visit with Pam Wilke.
It was long overdue but as usual, even when we do not see one another for a long time, we just pick up right where we left off and the conversation flows so easily.
That is how it is with true friends.
Emotion - pure joy.

On Saturday Lynne and I walked a 5K for Lebanon Lutheran School.
It was a great route through the country.
We got these cool shirts and many treats along the way.
It was so nice to share this walk with Lynne.
While we did not win a medal in our age division, we did finish in a good place.
Emotion - accomplished

On Saturday night, John and I watched a few good movies.
Emotion - content

On Sunday after church, I quickly went on FB and noticed I had 12 messages and many notifications.
I knew something was up with that, but I certainly did not expect that it would be an impersonator who had hacked my account.
It took me a long time to make the necessary changes and report the incident, but I think everything is as it should be.
Scary stuff out there.  As wonderful as technology is, there are many risks involved.
Emotion - very upset, angry, violated, and frustrated
John and I had planned to go on a bike ride despite some scattered shower warnings.
After the FB impersonation, I thought a bike ride would get rid of some of my frustration so we headed to the New Berlin Trail and rode from Frame Park to New Berlin.
The rain started lightly at first but by the time we sought shelter under a bridge it was pouring.

 We were more than a little wet and there was a dead mouse sharing our space under the bridge, can you say Gross!
When the rain stopped we rode through many puddles on our way back to Waukesha.
We had to ride really fast and there were two more rain showers on the six mile ride back.
It was a wet, fast, windy ride, but in the end it was a great workout.
Emotion - thankful and relieved

We celebrated our safe return to our dry car with an early dinner at Sonic.
We also enjoyed two Diet Cokes.

Emotion - Satisfied
See what I mean about a weekend full of emotions.
Some bad, but for the most part, all really good.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Week with Soli part two and our Packer Shareholders meeting

On Wednesday, Soli and I took a trip to the park and zoo.
The heat from Tuesday had left us with a beautiful summer day.

 Soli up close and personal with the otter.
 Soli enjoyed feeding the animals.
 Another ride on he train for Soli and I.
 And then there was the merry go round.
 After the train ride, we had a snack and Soli had to protect our snack from
 this hungry little seagull.
We may or may not have fed him illegally.
John joined us on Wednesday night.
He and Soli are very involved in The Munsters.

On Thursday, John and I left for our day in Green Bay.
Since we are Packer shareholders, we were invited to attend the annual shareholders meeting held at Lambeau Field.
We stayed fro about half the meeting and then enjoyed a yummy lunch at The Blind Ref right across the street.

After lunch, we went back and shopped in the new and improved Packer Pro Shop.
Then we took a bike ride on the Fox River State Trail from downtown DePere to Green Bay.
It was a great day for a bike ride.

 On our way back to Watertown, we met Courtney and Soli at the Red Robin in Oshkosh for one last meal together.
Perfect way to end my week of vacation with them.
I was even lucky enough to win a stuffed animal for Soli out of the claw machine, first time I have ever won anything out of that machine.

I am closing my post with this sweet photo of Soli.
I was able to wake up to this each morning.
These are the grandma moments I was waiting for!

Friday, July 25, 2014

My week with Soliana and Courtney

My last week is a bit of a blur.
It is kind of all rolling into one happy memory, but I will attempt to document some of the fun activities that occurred duing said week.
Last Wednesday Courtney and the girls were coming out to celebrate Soliana's birthday with Gigi.
Courtney had a flat tire just outside of Rosendale.
I drove there to rescue the girls and brought them here to Watertown while Courtney waited for a new tire.
Eventually she was able to join us for a little party.
We all went out to El Mariachi for a nice dinner and then the three of them headed home.
On Saturday, the 19th, Tiz and Paul headed out to Montana to spend some time with Paul's family.
I knew it would be a long few days for Courtney without her first baby.
Courtney (and I, for that matter) had mixed feelings about sending Tiz off to the wilds of Montana.  The family cabin is in a very remote area totally cut off from all communication, no running water, no electricity.
Nothing for this lady.
On Saturday, before Courtney and Soli arrived, John and I took a bike ride on the Hank Aaron trail which goes into Milwaukee.  It was a virgin trail for us and we loved it.
We saw the Miller stadium the domes, and many other landmarks along the 12 mile trail.
We found a wonderful little eatery right on the Menomonee River which served up yummy seafood.
It was a great day for such a fun ride.
Here are a few photos
 We got on the trail on 94th Place near Lafollette Park.
 John's old house on 80th Street.
We took a small detour off the trail to see it.

After our bike ride, Courtney and Soli arrived to start our adventure, or vacation as Soli called it.
We had dinner at On the Rock, sitting outside enjoying the beautiful weather.  Gigi joined us, too.
When we got home, we had a slide show, reliving many old memories from my childhood.
On Sunday, after church, John and I had to go over to school to put my classroom back together after waxing.
Courtney and Soli went over to the pool, I joined them when I got home from school.
There was Escalade washing and driving after the pool.

 On Monday, Courtney, Soli and I rode the Lake Country trail from Oconomowoc to Delafield.
It was another beautiful day for bike ride and we enjoyed ourselves.
 We stopped at three parks along the way.

 We enjoyed treats at Bread Co. in Delafield.

 And grandpa was able to join us for lunch at Cushing Park in Delafield.
 Soli fell asleep on the ride back to Oconomowoc.
She was able to rally too play at Imagination Station though when we got back to Oconomowoc.
Soli is just like her sister because she loves to be the photographer and set up the shots.
On Monday afternoon we headed back to Oshkosh to spend the rest of our "vacation" up there.
We had dinner at Ardy and Ed's root beer stand on Monday night.

 Tuesday was very hot and humid.
I cleaned and organized the girls' rooms in the morning.
Soli was a great little helper with that project.
We went to Hot Dog Charlie's for lunch.  Yummy hot dogs and bottles of soda.
 We walked in all that heat over to Caramel Crisp for dessert.
Soli chose a sucker and gum, of course.

 Our next stop was Lowe's and Menard's.
Soli and I had more fun there than any people should be allowed to have with our crazy driving!
Then is was Culver's for sodas, a grilled cheese, and custard.
It was a day of eating and staying cool in air conditioned places.
We ordered Rocky Roccoco's for dinner and then spent the night watching Soli's favorite show, The Munsters.
Wednesday brought a trip to the zoo for Soli and I.
Stay tuned for that trip on my next post!
This one is getting way too long.
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