Sunday, April 30, 2017

This, That, and the Other Thing

Wow, it's been two weeks since I have written a post.
Things have been happening, but I guess none of it was post worthy.
Paul's dad passed away the day after Easter, so they were busy with traveling to Iowa and having a funeral last weekend.
John and I went out on Friday night for a few beers and I honestly do not remember what we did on Saturday.  I am pretty sure we did some shopping at Kohl's
On Sunday we did some yard work.

This past weekend, we ate at Taqueria Maria's Mexican Restaurant.
We drive by it all the time on the way to Walmart, but I have never even considered trying it until I read some posts on Facebook about how good it is, so on Friday we gave it a try.
The tacos I had, one fish, one shrimp, and one steak were so yummy, made with cilantr and onions only, just the way I like them.
John had a family size beer which was a really big beer!
One of the waitresses remembered me as her daughter's preschool teacher back in 2008.
I remember the little girl, Litzy, but couldn't remember mom.
Her mom seemed so happy to see us.
We are definitely going back.

On Saturday we picked the girls up at their cheer clinic and took them to Sunset Blvd in Appleton.
We had never been there before and the girls both agreed it was a fun place.
They had bumper cars, a merry go round, a train, a huge climbing structure, and many video games.
The food was pretty good, too.
We are definitely going back there, too.

We came home, had a few beers at Bismark's and came home to a few lifetime movies.
Today was a lazy Sunday.
Tomorrow is the first of May and the rest of this year is going to fly by!

Monday, April 17, 2017

He is Risen, He is risen indeed!

Another Easter has come and gone.
I always am amazed at how quickly time goes.
We plan and plan for a big get together and then before we know it, it is past and all that is left is the memories.
Good thing is, we have lots of memories!

Everyone arrived on Good Friday.
The girls dyed eggs and of course, they both had to put in their own little touches which included lots of food coloring, the end result was very pretty though.

On Friday night, we went to Elias for fish.
Great times and wonderful food.

Saturday, the girls helped me prepare a delicious brunch.
Everyone enjoyed the food we prepared.

The girls went on their clue egg hunt for their baskets after the brunch.
They had lots of fun and enjoyed the baskets that they ended up with.

Our annual Easter Bowling event followed.
We love getting together with Kev and his family for this event.
This is our fifth year doing it and I hope we continue it for many years to come.

We enjoyed pizza at Kev and Vikki's after bowling and then surprised Mallory with new apartment "shower"  It was a big surprise to her and she was excited with all of her new things.

Finally, Easter Sunday arrived.
We went to church where my kids sang along with the entire St. John's school body.
It was a great service. 
We had R-line hot dogs for lunch because, Easter...
The girls went on another hunt for their plastic eggs and enjoyed a drive in the escalade.

Our fun was not done yet though.
We got to keep the girls for one extra day and took them to the zoo, today, Monday.
It was a great, fun day at the zoo.

And, I will end this post with the proof positive that we, are indeed, the Cool Grandparents!
Our shirts are the proof.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Boss Baby and catching up

I see that I completely forgot to make any posts for two weeks.
That means I have to catch everyone up on our adventures.
Last Friday after the weekly grocery shopping, we went to On the Rock for pizza and two pitchers of beer.  We hadn't been there for quite sometime and we enjoyed it.
On Saturday, John did some yard work and then we headed into Milwaukee to go out with Joan.
We had another really nice time.
Joan confided some family things to us.  It made us feel really good to think that she would trust us enough to share.
I know she felt good sharing.
We enjoyed pizza and beers, (yep, two nights in row) at the Ricardo's in Greendale.
My kids sang in church on Sunday and did a wonderful job.  They sang,"God Loves Me Dearly."

That is about it for last weekend.
This weekend we headed to Oshkosh on Saturday to take the girls to see Boss Baby.  I love the Oshkosh theater because they have those comfy lounger chairs.  We met at Target and bought a few items for Mallory.  She is moving into her own apartment and we wanted to "shower" her with things.
After Target, John, the girls, and I headed to the theater.  We all enjoyed lots of popcorn and sodas.
The movie was funny and it had a good message to it, too.

After the movie, we stopped at Caramel Crisp for some ice cream.
Then Courtney joined us on a walk to Stevens Park before going to their Saturday night church service.
It was a full, fun day, but it was not quite over yet.
Soli joined John and I for pizza and beer (well, she had soda) at Cranky Pat's.  Tiz was at a neighor's house and Courtney and Paul went to a movie.
We finally headed home about 9:00.

On Sunday (today) we went to Menard's to buy a new swing.
Out 20 year old one had seen better days.
John spent a good part of the afternoon putting it together while I worked at cleaning up the garden and flower beds.
We enjoyed relaxing in the swing after our work was done.
It was a fun weekend.

Only four days of school this week.
We have Easter hunts and a surprise shower for Mrs. Pasch this week, so it will go by quickly.
Looking forward to having everyone here for Good Friday and Easter.

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