Sunday, August 13, 2017

Riverfest 2017

Courtney and family left for God forsaken Montana last Sunday.
They are due back around 11:00 tonight.
It's been a long week without being able to contact them due to the fact that there is no electricity or cell service at that cabin in Montana.
Courtney was not happy to be going, she really dislikes the wilderness, but they had to go to bury Paul's dad's ashes.
Why they had to go for 7 days is beyond me, seems two or three would have sufficed, but it wasn't up to me.
At any rate, hopefully they will be home safe and sound very soon.

I kept myself busy with pool dates with the Budreau kids, getting my room ready for a new school year, and taking walks with Lynne.
On Friday I went to Oshkosh with John and organized their house for them.

Riverfest is just winding down.
On Friday we watched the fireworks from our backyard.
Roy, Jody and Dan, Pam Wilke, and the Budreaus all came up to watch them with us.
It was a fun night.

On Saturday Johna nd I took a long walk and then went to the park to hear a journey band.
We took care of little Harmony for a while down there.
We went out with Tim and Louisa on Saturday night.
We had dinner at El Mariachi and then chatted over beer at Bismarks.
It was a great, fun night.
I don't know why we get along so well with them but we do and I love it.

Today Kaliyah and Treyton came and sat with us in church.
After church we went back tot he park with mom, Roy, Jody, and Dan and enjoyed the Del Rays and the Lovin' Spoonful.

Tonight we are relaxing because tomorrow I have registration.
Time for bed.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Our First FAmily Packer Day is in the Books

Well, another weekend is coming to an end.
These summer weekends are so much fun and the end is in sight.
On Friday night, John and I went to the Island Bar and Grill near Fort Atkinson to hear Pat McCurdy.
We really enjoyed this great bar that is located right on the banks of the Rock River.
I had a blue gill fish fry that was so  yummy.
We enjoyed the show very much because Pat McCurdy does not disappoint.
It was a fun way to start the weekend.

On Saturday we headed up to Oshkosh to take the girls to our first ever Packer Family Day.
We drove up with Courtney and Paul who had to work the game to earn money for Tizita's cheer costs.
We did not know what to expect from this experience.
Some parts of it, we absolutely loved.
Some parts of it, not so much.
The lines were long for all the activities, so we would not do that part again next year.
The food was very expensive.  ($53.00 for two burgers, a hot dog, 2 cookies and three sodas)  So next year we will bring our own food and tailgate.
We went in through the wrong gate so our wait was very long.
Once we were in the stadium itself, we walked around the whole stadium before finding the place to ride the escalators up to our seats.
There was a thunderstorm/lightning warning so everyone had to wait inside the stadium, so as we were walking around in a huge oval, we had to battle throngs of people.
Finally, we found the escalators and once we were up to the 600 level, it cleared out and we were finally able to relax in our seats.  The storm warning was over by the time we got up there.
The girls never once complained about any of it and I love the smiles in these photos!

So even long lines and expensive food could not take the joy out of seeing our granddaughters experience the magic of Lambeau Field for the first time.
Go Pack Go!

Monday, July 31, 2017

A visit with the our Wonderful Friends from Ohio!

It's been three years since we saw Patti and Tom, our long lost but now found friends from Ohio.
We met Patti and Tom when we first moved to Elkhorn.
We lived in the same apartment building and Patti was the one person in that apartment full of teen moms that I could relate with.
Our friendship was fast and furious and our husbands became fast friends, too.
We spent two great years together making memories before we moved back home to Watertown and they moved back home to ElyrIa, Ohio.
We both went on to have two daughters and we really did keep in touch until the girls were in high school.
We would either go to Ohio or they would come to Watertown or we would meet in the middle.
These get togethers were always fun.  Our kids got along famously, too.
But somewhere around 1990 we lost touch with each other.
No one was to blame.
Life just happened and we got busy and we forgot to write or call.

Fast forward to 2011 when Patti found me right here on this blog!
We contacted one another and fell right back into our friendship as if no time had passed.
We  made arrangements to meet in Indiana.  We had a wonderful time and caught up on all the life we had missed.
Our friendship and love for one another was greater than ever.
We met again in 2012 and vowed to never let years go by again.
In 2014, we each brought our two oldest granddaughters with us to Indiana and they had a great time, too.

Then, three years passed and we did not see one another
.Thanks to Facebook we stayed in touch though and this last Thursday Patti and Tom came up to visit us in Wisconsin.
I planned and cleaned and waited for their arrival and all of a sudden, it was over.
The time was short but the friendship is so big!
We has so much fun making some new memories on this last visit.
We ate Wisconsin brats and cheese curds, we took a boat ride on the Milwaukee River, we ate Mexican, we played cards, we talked for hours on end, we had breakfast together and then is was time to say good bye.
I loved having them here at our house.
I miss them.
I cannot wait to see them again and it will not be three years from now!
Here are some photos from the weekend visit:

Here are a few photos from some of our other meetings over the years.

As soon as Patti and Tom left, Alissa, Courtney, and Soliana arrived.
Tizita and Paul were camping in the wilderness of door county.
Alissa, Mallory, and Courtney had just had a cousin night in Oshkosh and now they were coming out to spend time with us.
We had a wonderful few days.
On Saturday night John, Lissa, Courtney, and I went out for a few beers.
Gigi stayed with Soliana.  When we got home, Soli was watching TV and Gigi was asleep on the couch, too funny!
On Sunday, Alissa left and we just played with Soli all day long.
We played Day care, drove the escalade, and played games.
It was perfect.
Today, Monday, Courtney, Tiz and I headed to Oconomowoc to explore and have some fun.
We started out at Imagination Station.
Then on to Fowler park for a picnic.
We walked around Fowler Lake and ended up at the Children's Play Gallery.
We had so much fun.
We then had ice cream and shopped at St. Vinny's.
A perfect, perfect day.
Here are a few photos:

Oh, so fun.
Oh, so many happy memories.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Summer is winding down

Yep, sad but true.
We had our end of summer inservice on Thursday and that can only mean one thing, it is almost time for another school year and the summer is almost over.
I am hoping to fit as much time as possilbe in with the girls in these next few weeks.  I still want to make some more memories with them before we all head back to school.

Last week Courtney, Tiz and Soli came out for a day so Gigi could give Soli her birthday gifts.
She gave her a mermaid costume, some mermaid jewelry, and a few books about mermaids.  Soli has a new interest in mermaids since finding a show on TV that she likes about mermaids.
We had a yummy ice cream cake and then went to the pool.
It was a great day.

Our good friends, Patti and Tom are coming this next weekend for a visit.
I am so excited to see them, but John and I need to get this house ready for guests.
We only have family stay here and while Patti and Tom are like family, it's still a bit different.
On Saturday we spent a good part of the afternoon weeding our garden and other parts of the yard.
I have been rearranging furniture trying to make it all more welcoming for them.
On Saturday night we just relaxed and watched a bunch of episodes of the Americans which is a series that we have been enjoying.
On Sunday after church and after :?breaking" into our  entrance door which would not open for us, (Long story, but these kind of things only happen to us, I am sure)  we headed up to Oshkosh.
We stopped off in Fond du lac to ride a city bike trail there.  It was a beautiful day for riding and the trail was really nice.

After our bike ride, we tried to eat at Ardy and Ed's but it was so busy that after 20 minutes of waiting we just went to Courtney's and ordered Rocky Roccoco's which was so yummy.
Soli and I played in her tent and then today we went on a great bike ride which ended at Fratello's.  Tiz and I won the race back to their house.
A little more time in the tent and it was time to leave.
I love spending time with my girls!

Looking forward to fitting as many more fun times into this summer that I can.
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