Sunday, December 10, 2017

Cookie Baking, Ornament Making, Gingerbread Building, Birthday Celebrating, and Christmas Worshiping

The girls arrived with John on Friday evening.
We were supposed to go play with Harmony, Kaliyah, and Treyton, but the flu to the better of them, so we had to cancel.
(The flu got the best of me on Wednesday but that is neither here nor there!)
On Friday night the girls began our crafting/baking fun by painting ornaments.
It took John and I a long time to choose these ornaments for the girls to paint and we really did pick some winners.  They both enjoyed painting them and the final results were beautiful.
Here are a few of them:

On Saturday we awoke to a beautiful dusting of snow, our first of the season. Soli was so excited to look out and see that snow.
Oh, for that innocent joy when we see snow.  John and I were thinking, "Oh, no, go away!"
After breakfast, we began our Gingerbread house building.  This is always so frustrating to me,as the pieces fall apart as fast as we put them together.  This year, I outsmarted the gingerbread houses and used hot glue, too.  They held together and the girls had fun decorating them.

Let the baking begin.
Eash girl mixed up their own batter for sugar cookies, cut them, and frosted them.
They enjoyed the whole process and did such a great job.

I have not photos but they also mixed up and made spritz cookies.
They loved the cookie shooter gun!
At this point, they needed some down time on our phones so that happened next while I cleaned up all the many messes of the day.
I was so proud of them for not giving up or ever complaining even though I had them going from one thing to another very quickly.
The final products were all so nice, too.

We stopped at Culvers on our way back to Oshkosh with the girls.
Spent an hour and a half chatting at Culver's over our food.
We drove through the Oshkosh lights before taking the girls home.
But our day was still not over.
Tiz asked to open her birthday gifts that night so that is what we did.
She loved her cheerleading stuff, School of Rock cd and dvd, and her squishies.
Oh, and her selfie stick.  She has no phone, but now she has a selfie stick!

On Sunday, we enjoyed the girls' Christmas service.
They both did a wonderful job and looked absolutely beautiful.

After church, we shopped for a person off the giving tree at Trinity Church and then went to Tiz's choice for lunch, Red Robin.
We enjoyed her cake when we got home.

It was just a wonderful weekend all the way around!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Short and Sweeet

It was a good weekend.
Just John and I doing fun things and enjoying each other after the busyness of the last weekend.
On Friday, we did our shopping and had Arby's for dinner.
On Saturday we left for some shopping in Milwauikee.
We found some great things at St. Vinney's and then hit the Dollar Store, Menard's, Target, another Dollar Store, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and the teacher store.
It was great fun checking things off my list.
We went to a 4:3o movie,  Murder on the Orient Express which was an all right movie.
After the movie, we went to Midpoint Sports Bar to watch the Badgers lose to the Buckeyes.
We did have some great food and beers.
We had a friendly wager going with the Kovach's so that was fun to text back and forth.  Not so much fun when we lost though.
On Sunday, the Packers won their game finally and I baked no names, 7 layer bars, and cut outs.
Ate way too many mistakes.
John and I went to check out the Christmas train which was going through Watertown.
We watched it on Concord Ave. It zoomed by and if we had blinked we would have missed it for sure.  You would think it could have slowed down a bit!
At any rate, a very good weekend.

Here are a few other things I want to remember:
  • Our Pastor Carter has resigned because his wife cheated on him and left him.  It's sad for St. John's because he has done so much for us.
  • Dick Berner was killed when a tree fell on  him.  Mom went to the funeral and said he didn't look good.  Well, duh, a tree fell on his head!
  • Tiz was in her second big cheer competition in Minneapolis this wknd.  Her team not only took first place but also won the best stunt award.  I wish I could have been there, but instead Paul's family was there.  Didn't care much for the fact that they got to share in the excitement.  I am much happier when they stay in Mn and Iowa and don't bother us.
Well that is all for now.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

So Much to be Thankful for - Thanksgiving 2017

It's another Sunday night here and I am in the midst of decorating the Christmas trees.
It's been fantastic Thanksgiving.  We celebrated for four days!
This was the year that Courtney, Paul, and the girls spend it with us, so that makes it very nice.
We have gone to Alissa and Nathan's the last few years, but this year, Alissa and Courtney decided we should have it up here.
Alissa joined us while Nathan stayed down in Bloomington to spend it with his dad.
Everyone arrived on Wednesday evening.
We all went out to Sprecher's for the first time, it has just opened here in Watertown.
What a fun place.
The food was great, the beer was great and our service was great, too.
A perfect trifecta.

On Thursday we made our turkey and the other good stuff.
We watched Troop Beverly Hills and made some slime.
It was a great, fun day.
Mallory stopped by after dinner and we all hung around in the basement.

On Friday, we went to the cemetery to put Christmas stuff on the graves and say hello to all the loved ones there, who actually aren't really there, but you know what I mean.
It was a beautiful 62.
Alissa left on Friday after lunch.
The rest of us, including mom, went to see the movie Wonder.
Such a fantastic movie.
We all loved it.
Came home and watch School of Rock to prepare us to the play we will be seeing tomorrow with the girls.
We loved the movie.

On Saturday we left around noon for the play which was at the marcus center in Milwaukee.
It was a broadway musical and so cool!

We ate at Fuddruckers and then surprised the girls with our annual trip through the lights.
It was a bit earlier than we usually go, but this weekend just worked out best for us.
The girls were so excited.
Tiz did live videos out the sunroof and Soli drove on John's lap.

We enjoyed the trains, streets of Bethlehem, and hot chocolate as we always do!
It was a perfectly wonderful day.

Today we went to church and Courtney and Paul came from their night out to pick up the girls and take them home.
I am so thankful for all that I have!
Now back to tree decorating!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Homemade for the Holidays

This Saturday we went to Oshkosh, enjoyed lunch at Becket's and then shopped at Homemade for the Holidays, which is Courtney's craft show.
We took mom along.
It was a great, fun day.
We ordered Rocky's for dinner while Courtney and Paul went out after the show.
My kids sang in church today for the first time this year.
There were some tears but all in all it went very well.
John cleaned gutters, the packers lost badly, and I put up the bubble lights.
That was about it for this wknd.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

First Place!

Today was a very exciting day for Tizita and her cheer team.
It was their first big competition of the season and it was a big one with lots of talented teams.
In her division there were eight other teams.
They performed so well, but so did many of the other teams.
We were hopeful for a fifth place, maybe
But, they finished first!!
What excitement for all of them
They work so hard and now they got to reap the benefits of that hard work.
They were so happy with their medals and trophy.
We celebrated at the Colliseum Bar where we watched the Badgers win, too.
It was a fun day.
I was so happy to be able to share it with Tizita.

I had friday off so I went up to Oshkosh and Organized the girls' rooms for them.
On friday night, we went out to Midpoint sports bar with Louisa and Tim, it was a great night.
Tomorrow we will lay low and relax.
It may be time to move all the stuff in for the winter, too.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Celebrating Mom's 89th Brithday

We spent this last weekend celebrating my mom's 89th birthday.
It was a wonderful weekend.
I took off Friday afternoon, something that I was never able to do until I have two other capable people in my classroom with me.
Alissa and Nathan arrived here and drove me and mom up to Oshkosh to watch Tizita in a cheer competition showcase.
Mallory joined us, too and John drove up there after work so we were all there to watch Tizita perform.
Here are a few photos from the event:

After the event, we all went over to West End Pizza and enjoyed pizza and beer.
It was a great way to start mom's birthday.
The girls came home with John, mom, and me while Mal, Lis, Nathan, Paul, and Courtney stayed in Oshkosh to go out together.

On Saturday the girls made slime and played on our phones and watched TV until everyone arrived.
We picked Kev up and went over to Sweet Mullets followed by mom's choice of Schwefel's Supper Club.
We all loved the food and had a wonderful time there.


After that we went over to Kev's to open gifts and have cake.
That was so much fun, too.
Mom loved all her gifts, she usually does, she is very easy to please.

Today we all went to church and were able to have Harmony sit with us.  She came home to play with the girls for a bit before everyone had to leave.
It was a great, fun weekend!
Oh, and I even go to see Aaron Rodgers!

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