Sunday, February 28, 2016

Our first trip to the zoo and Courtney's Birthday

It's been a fun weekend.
Alissa arrived on Friday night, John, my mom, Lissa and I went to Rock River Pizza for dinner.
After dinner Mal met us at Firecracker for a few beers.
It was a good night.
We heard all about Alissa's big business trip to San Diego and about Mallory's new job which starts on Tuesday.

On Saturday, Alissa and Mallory drove in to Milwaukee, so did John and I.
We met Courtney, Paul, and the girls.
John and I took the girls and headed off to the zoo while the other four headed to downtown Milwaukee to celebrate both Courtney and Paul's birthdays.
They had made arrangements to stay at a duplex on the East side, it was cheaper than a hotel and was a full apartment.
Alissa was sure they would be murdered or videotaped, but they all survived and actually really liked the place and will stay again.
They had a great time touring Lakefront Brewery and bar hopping.  I know Courtney and Paul enjoyed their birthdays.

The girls, John, and I had a great time at the zoo, too.
Kev and Vikki had given us zoo passes again and this year they included parking which was really nice.
The weather was beautiful for late February and the zoo was full of families so happy to be outside after a long winter.
We took time to read about many of the animals and we all learned a few new things.
Here are a few photos

 I took this picture just to show you that in Wisconsin, as soon as it warms up even a little, everyone sits outside and enjoys the sunshine.  It was awesome to be back out again.
After our day at the zoo, we took the girls to Marty's pizza also a gift from Kev and Vikki and enjoyed a fun dinner.
The usual TV watching and a late bedtime followed by church today rounded out our time with the girls.
Courtney and Paul arrived in time for a birthday taco lunch and gift opening.
I also bought the girls their Easter dresses from LuLaRoe, a new company that I discovered.  They absolutely loved them.

I really have some  beautiful granddaughters if I do say so myself!  
On to a new week.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Just a Few TidBits

It's been awhile since I have posted.
Life's been busy as usual and blogging took a backseat to life.
Tiz came and spent the night on Friday.
We took her to Pizza Hut and Kohl's at her request.
She loved shopping at Kohl's.
Decided she needed a wallet like her 87 year old Gigi's so she bought on.
She had more fun organizing that wallet.
Cutest thing was when she and Gigi sat side by side comparing their wallets, precious memories!
On Saturday we baked, of course we did.
She created cupcakes without a recipe, they looked like it and no one here tasted them.  I told her to take them home to share with her family, not sure if anyone there tasted them or not.
No photos, we were just too busy.
We took her home on Saturday.
After dropping her off, I dragged John through Hobby Lobby, Goodwill, the Dollar Tree, and Aldi,  He was a trooper and I found lots of goodies.
We ate at Fazoli's and headed home.

On Sunday, our church service was cancelled after a number of people became ill at the early service.
All tests came back negative, so not sure what that was all about but it made for a nice, long Sunday.
We took a walk and just caught up on things around the house.

On Monday, I bought my first purchases from Lularoe.
Waiting for them to arrive.
No school on Friday, so tomorrow is my Friday.
Looking forward to a lunch with Lynne Uttech on Friday and a weekend with the girls before celebrating Courtney and Paul's birthdays on Sunday.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day.
I love Valentine's Day in Preschool.
It really is a day for little kids rather than adults.
There is nothing better than mailing and receiving all those valentines from all your little friends.

John and I don't exchange anything on Valentine's Day.
I guess we used to do cards and small gifts way back in the day, maybe even flowers at one point, but now it's just another day.
Because it was on a weekend we did go out and call it a Valentine's Date.
We used a gift card from the girls and husbands to go see a movie.
We had the hardest time choosing a movie.
We debated aboutt Zoolander 2 for a bit, but I wanted more than pure stupidity, so we finally chose Dirty Grandpa and it was so good.
Very funny with enough feel good thrown in to make it sweet..
Not only did their gift card pay for the movie, it covered a large popcorn and soda, too
We went to the theater in Waukesha and it was so classy, we had not been there since it was remodeled.

After the movie, we went to Louise's to eat, also compliments of a gift card from the girls.
I had a pomegranate martini, John had a Door County old fashioned.
We had spaghetti and seafood ravioli.
It was so good and a nice way to celebrate US.
The rest of the weekend was quiet.
Sometimes you need that.
Until nest time.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Sleepover with Soli and A Superbowl

It is Super Bowl Sunday.
I don't care who wins since the Packers are not playing, but I am routing a bit for Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers.
I like Cam Newton's attitude and fashion sense.  Until about two weeks ago, I had no idea who he was.
Of course, I like Peyton Manning, the Broncos QB, too, but he is older and already has his Superbowl ring.
Lady Gaga sang a wonderful National Anthem, so the game was worth watching just for that reason.
Right now, at third quarter it looks like the Broncos will pull this one out, but it is football and it can change on the drop of a hat.
Super Bowls always bring back memories of a Super Bowl way back when I was in high school and Joe Namath led his Jets to a victory.
My boyfriend at the time loved everything about Joe Namath, so I also learned to love the man.
We drank Sun Drop sodas in my basement while watching that memorable game.
Good memories.
Of course, i also remember the Packers of old led by Bart Starr as they won the Super Bowl.  I knew all those old Packers by name and number since my dad loved them so much.
Sundays were always spent watching those great Packers.
Good memories.
So Happy Super Bowl Everyone.
Hope your team wins.

Speaking of winning, on Saturday, John and I went to Oshkosh to watch Tizita play in a basketball torunament.
Is there anything more fun that basketball at a Lutheran School, I think not.
I am so happy that Tiz gets to experience this kind of basketball just like my girls did when they were at St. John's.
Tizita's team went on to win the tournament.
So proud of her.
Making good memories.
After watching her first game, we brought Soliana home for a sleepover.
We had so much fun with her, she is such a joy.
We baked a rainbow cake since that is what she wanted to make, then we cut out and frosted heart cookies.
We had subs, her choice for dinner, then did makeovers, took a bath, and fianlly, ended our day with the ever popular, I Carly.

Today, my kids sang in church.
After church, we took Soli and my mom to Culvers and then to Walmart.
Soli loves to ride the elephant and the horse at Walmart.  She is almost too big for the elephant, but for as long as she can, I hope she continues to ride it.
We bought her a few things and then came home and did Valentines for her class.
She and my mom played together for a good hour and then it was time to meet up with her family.
The time goes so quickly when she is here with us.
We made some good memories for sure.
Here are some photos:

Good Memory making this weekend.

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