Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thanksgiving and Christmas prep

Another Thanksgiving is in the history books.
It was a good one.
Quiet, relaxing time spent in Bloomington at Alissa and Nathan's.
Darrel, Jen and Jason were there, too.
Lots of great food, and lots of beer tasting.
It was nice to just be able to sit back and let someone else prepare and clean up everything.
We only stayed one night and headed home on Friday.
Trees were decorated and up by Friday night.
Today (Saturday) John and I walked to St. Vinney's and Bethesda's Christmas shop.
It was in the high 50's, almost unreal for November 26.
I am contemplating jumping on the Lions band wagon since they are now in first place in the division.
The Packers are playing very poorly.
Tim Budreau invited me on board for the Lions.
We will see how the Pack does on Monday.
Time for bed after three lifetime movies.
Till next time.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Wow, how time flies whether you are having fun or not

Time is flying.
November is almost gone.
Thanksgiving is right around the corner.
We made Christmas trees in Preschool today.  I told the kids Thanksgiving was over for us and we had to start on Christmas decor for our room.
We had our family parties today at school.  The AM three year old party was a bit of a disaster.  The PM party was a huge success.
Oh, the difference a year makes in a child.
We go to Alissa's for Thanksgiving this year.
Courtney and family head to Iowa.
Alissa dislikes Thanksgiving very much.  She is actually in Nashville on business so Nathan will be doing the prep.  She says we may only have meat, beer, and the desserts that I bring.  That would be fine with me.
I had the girls here last Friday.  They had the day off and spent the day in my classroom.  I was exhausted and fully understand why people have their children when they are young.
We took them  home on Saturday and had fun at Courtney's Homemade for the Holidays show.
We took my mom and we all enjoyed a great lunch at Becket's.
I have almost all my Christmas shopping done.
Decided to buy Tiz a sewing machine, I think she is going to love it and I think she will create some great things.  
Christmas trees and decor go up this weekend.
I am excited to get that done.
We bought one of those star shower light shows for outside.
Jury is out as to how we will like it, so far the dancing red and green lights look pretty good on our house.
I tore the passenger side mirror off the rendezvous last week pulling into the garage.
It was long overdue.  I usually pull one off every few years and hadn't done that for quite awhile.
I have also driven through two garage doors, luckily I have not repeated that act in years!
Hope I did not just jinx myself.
I think that about brings you all up to date on my life.
One more day of school and I am off for five days.
Blessed Thanksgiving to all!
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