Sunday, May 28, 2017

Our Annual Bike Adventure at Point Beach State Park

John and I just got back from our annual bike adventure at Point Beach State Park.
We went up on Saturday arriving in Two Rivers about 11:00.
We had a snack and a soda at Nashota park before we hit the trail to the beach.
It was a beautiful day, perhaps our best ever, weatherwise.
We rode a total of 12 miles which isn't by any means a record, but we had fun and we were happy with the mileage.
Here are a few of the photos:

After our bike ride, we headed over to Oshkosh to stay at the Van Auken B and B.
We went out to Christiano's for pizza and beers.
It was a great start to summer vacation for me.

Today, Sunday, we rode our bikes around Oshkosh stopping at the veteran's cemetery.  It is always so moving to see all those flags.
We had lunch at Ardy and Ed's and walked by the lake.
It was another beautiful summer day.
Now we are home.
Tomorrow we will plant our garden and pull weeds.
Then we will enjoy brats!
Happy Summer to all.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Double Fun or Double Trouble Weekend

We had such a fun weekend getting to spend time with Tiz and Soli on two separate sleepovers.
John brought Tiz home with him on Friday night.  We went to see the new Wimpy Kid movie, The Long Haul.  It was so funny, we all loved it.
After the  movie, we watched TV until midnight and then fell asleep to Say Yes to the Dress.

On Saturday we headed out to Walmart to buy plants for a fairy garden.
We came home and created the fairy garden as well as some slime.

We had such a fun time with Tizita.
She is one funny kid.
We had to take her back by 4 for a cheer banquet and we, then, picked up Soliana after her gymnastics meet.
Now it was her turn for a sleepover!
She did so well at her meet, too.
Look at all that gold and silver!

On our way home, we stopped at Walmart, so Soli could pick out her plants for her fairy garden.  She also bought a lego set for her and Grandpa to work on.

The two of them had so much fun working on this creation.
After it was finished, Soli enjoyed playing with it for quite awhile.
We ended the evening by watching some TV.

Today, Sunday, my kids sang in church.  They did an amazing job.
After church we took Soli and Gigi out to Culvers to enjoy a yummy lunch, then it was fairy garden time for Soli.

We took Soli home this afternoon.
Now the house is quiet again and the messes are all cleaned up.

I just love these two little girls so much! 
I love spending time with them.
I cannot wait till the next time.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day Weekend

I am just finishing up my Mother's Day weekend.
Both girls and families had been here last weekend, so this was my weekend to do things with my mom.
On Friday John, mom and I met Kev and Vikki at Blue Moon in Lake Mills for pizza and beer.
It was a fun night with lots of laughs, memories and chit chat.
We had a few beers at the same bar where Nathan purposed to Alissa so many years ago.
Lots of memories at that bar.

On Saturday John and I took mom out to Menard's to buy plants.
We found some beautiful ones.
We also bought a few at Walmart.
Planted them in the afternoon.
Saturday night we went out to El Mariachi with Connie and Paul
Had a great time.
Ended our night at Lyons Pub for a few drinks.

Today John and I rode 20 miles on the Bugline trail.
Not bad for our first ride of the season.

Ended our day with BLT's with bacon fried expertly by John.
A great Mother's Day all around.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

We celebrated an early Mother's day this weekend.
It was a great celebration and I was able to cross one thing off my bucket list.
On Friday, everyone arrived and we headed to El Mariachi in Lake Mills.  It was Cinco De Mayo, so we were lucky that they were able to seat ten people so quickly.
Mallory was able to join us and of course, mom was with us, too.
After a delicious dinner, we went to see Mallory's new apartment in Lake Mills.
It's a great place.
Went out for a few beers after that and called it a night.

On Saturday we had the first brats of the season for lunch and then we headed to an Escape room in Milwaukee.
That was a fun trip and that was my bucket list item.
We did not accomplish our mission but we had a great time working on the riddles.  The girls both did a fine job helping us.
We all got to enjoy a beer or a soda after the adventure even though we didn't solve it in time.
The two guys running it were so nice, too.
I was very impressed with the whole experience and hope to do one again sometime.

After a beer at the Ale House, we went to Balistreri's for my favorite pizza.
Never a disappointment!

Today after Lis and nathan left, we went to Ledge Park for a hike.
What a beautiful fun place to explore.
Great way tot end the weekend for sure.

It was a great mother's day indeed.

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