Wednesday, December 31, 2014

We Made It

We made it to midnight and welcomed 2015 in the midst of Karaoke at the Carrington Bar and Grill.
Happy New Year everyone.
May 2015 be good to all of us.

Celebrating New Year's Eve in Door County

On Tuesday, we had to take the girls back home to Oshkosh.
While I didn't really want to return them and I knew I was going to miss them so much, it was time.
If I keep them too long, their mama and papa won't let them come back again!
I counted the days for Tiz and told her that she had been away from her home for ten days, it was high time to take her home again.
After dropping them off and saying our sad "Good byes," John and I headed up to Door County for our second annual New Year's Eve celebration at The Landmark.
Since it had been so balmy the last few days, we were really looking forward to some warm temps for hiking.  We took our snowshoes in hopes that they would also have some snow, but no only was there no snow, the temps plummeted and it was 10 degrees with wind chills of way below zero.
We are tough though and we did not let those temps hinder us.
On a side note, we ate at Fazoli's in Appleton on the way up and we ran into Jay Storm, my old principal in there.  It was good to see him and visit with him again.
When we got up here, we started out at Peninsula State Park.
We actually climbed the Eagle Tower.  I am so scared of those towers, but I found the courage to do it.
We also hiked up an old ski hill, it was a very steep climb, but we made it.
Here are some photos from that visit.

We checked into the Landmark.
I found a condo on VRBO for $144.00 for two nights, such a deal.
Here are some photos of our condo.

Tuesday night we went to JJ's of Jacksonport for dinner.
It was yummy as usual.
We slept in on New Year's Eve day.
At noon, we took off for Gill's Rock.
It was even colder than yesterday, but we were determined and bundled up so we pressed on.
We also hiked at Whitefish Dunes State Park and Cave Point County Park.
The water was splashing so high with the big winds.
Here are a few photos.

 We were able to see a beautiful sunset at Whitefish Dunes.
Perfect way to end our hiking.
Our reservations at the Carrington Pub and Grill are at 9:00.
It was that or 5:00.  I was worried we wouldn't be able to stay awake, but we are going strong at 8:00 so we will make it.
This brings an end to my post for today.
Happy New Year to all.
May God bless 2015 with joy, peace, and love with just enough trouble thrown in to keep you close to him.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014 is in the Books

I find it rather sad that we spend weeks shopping, baking, decorating, wrapping, and preparing for Christmas and then in the blink of an eye it is here and gone.
The older I get, the faster the time seems to go and this year just flew by.
Alissa and Nathan arrived on Christmas Eve and we started our celebrations at Kev's house.
It was a wonderful celebration.
We enjoyed a delicious meal, tasty sangria, white elephant gas station gifts, and our gift exchange.
The night was filled with family and fun.

On Christmas Day we slept in, then the five of us (Lis, Nathan, mom, me, and John) went to Lindberg's for dinner.  While we usually do not go out for dinner on Christmas Day, it seemed like the perfect thing for this year while we waited for Courtney, Paul, Tiz and Soli to arrive from Iowa.
Lindberg's was not a disappointment, not only is it a step back in time, but the bloody marys and food were delicious and just as we pulled in the driveway after lunch, the Van Aukens arrived.

 The girls immediately opened a few gifts.
They got their things from Gigi and Lis and Nathan.

 Lis and Nathan got them new outfits and a game with a bear and a gun.  It was a huge hit.

 I let then open three gifts from John and I.
We got them each a new leotard with money for gymnastics.

We also got them new pajamas and stuffies.
It was a great way to begin our celebration with them.
On Christmas Day night we enjoyed scalloped potatoes and ham before our adult gift exchange which is always fun.
 Nathan had my name and my drink this year was cupcake wine.  Yummy.
 We enjoyed a real fire in our real fireplace.
 Courtney gave John some type of beer for his drink.
 John gave Alissa some Red Stripe to commemorate her trip to Jamaica.
 I gave Paul some Moose Drool in memory of his trip to Montana.
 Lissa gave Courtney a large energy drink of some sort.
 After the drink exchange, we did our real gifts.
Lissa gave Courtney this cute shirt.
 Courtney gave John a shirt and a state park pass.
 John gave Lissa some cool glasses and coasters.
 Paul gave Nathan some Jamaican rum and rub.
 Nathan gave me some pie plates and a cute bracelet.
 And I gave Paul some music books for guitar and piano.
It was another very successful gift exchange for adults.
As usual, a few of us were overserved.
 The next morning Soli and Tiz opened gifts from Santa.
We spent lots of time playing with all their new toys.
We took a walk in the afternoon.
No snow and nice warm temps for December.
That night, we met Kev, Vikki, and Mal at Firehouse for dinner and beers.
We brought the girls home, watched movies, and called it a night while Courtney, Paul., Lis, Nathan, and Mallory barhopped into the wee hours of the morning.
On Saturday, Tiz made us breakfast with a new kids cookbook that we got for her.
We enjoyed smoothies, breakfast sandwiches and donut holes.
She did a great job and I think she has become our Christmas morning cook.

 After that wonderful brunch, we all played with some more toys and spent time just enjoying one another's company.
Alissa and Nathan left for home about noon.
Courtney and Paul left for two nights at a Bed and Breakfast.
John and I took the girls to see Annie at the theater in Delafield.
We all loved the movie so much!
 After the movie we had dinner at Marty's Pizza.
It was a great, fun night.
 This morning we gave Tiz and Soli one last gift.
Tiz got a tablet and was thrilled.
 Soli got a doctor kit and was also thrilled.
Both girls spent a good part of the day playing with their new toys.
We also got the music to the new Annie and they both have dance routines made up to most of the numbers.
We have the girls until Tuesday.  We will drop them off on our way to Door County.
It has been a great, great Christmas.
Even though it went quickly, we did do many things and had a lot of family time.
We are blessed.
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