Monday, April 17, 2017

He is Risen, He is risen indeed!

Another Easter has come and gone.
I always am amazed at how quickly time goes.
We plan and plan for a big get together and then before we know it, it is past and all that is left is the memories.
Good thing is, we have lots of memories!

Everyone arrived on Good Friday.
The girls dyed eggs and of course, they both had to put in their own little touches which included lots of food coloring, the end result was very pretty though.

On Friday night, we went to Elias for fish.
Great times and wonderful food.

Saturday, the girls helped me prepare a delicious brunch.
Everyone enjoyed the food we prepared.

The girls went on their clue egg hunt for their baskets after the brunch.
They had lots of fun and enjoyed the baskets that they ended up with.

Our annual Easter Bowling event followed.
We love getting together with Kev and his family for this event.
This is our fifth year doing it and I hope we continue it for many years to come.

We enjoyed pizza at Kev and Vikki's after bowling and then surprised Mallory with new apartment "shower"  It was a big surprise to her and she was excited with all of her new things.

Finally, Easter Sunday arrived.
We went to church where my kids sang along with the entire St. John's school body.
It was a great service. 
We had R-line hot dogs for lunch because, Easter...
The girls went on another hunt for their plastic eggs and enjoyed a drive in the escalade.

Our fun was not done yet though.
We got to keep the girls for one extra day and took them to the zoo, today, Monday.
It was a great, fun day at the zoo.

And, I will end this post with the proof positive that we, are indeed, the Cool Grandparents!
Our shirts are the proof.

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