Sunday, February 12, 2017

Cheer, Beer, Girls, Sing, and Make up

It was another fun weekend.
On Friday, Alissa arrived for a sister/cousin/watch Tiz cheer weekend.
We had made plans to go out with Tim and Louisa Budreau months before the other plans fell into place, so Alissa joined us.  We had fish at Elias, so yummy, and then headed over to Ann's for a few beers.  I am not sure what the Budreaus like about hanging with us, but I love them and they are almost like a third daughter and son in law to us.
On Saturday AM, Mal, Lis and I were heading into Milwaukee to see Tiz in her cheer competition.
We were on a tight schedule.
Mal waas 20 minutes late to begin with and then we got stopped by a train and then we got stopped by a cop. (No ticket, just a warning and we were on our way again)  Two delays but we still made it in plenty of time to see Tiz cheer.
Her team did well.
After cheer,we had lunch at Picolo's Pizza in Wauwatosa.
Two water spills later, we were on our way back home.
The girls went out for the night.
John and I took Tiz and Soli to see Sing, a very cute movie.  We all liked it.
After the movie, we stopped at the dollar store to buy makeup for our fun activity.
We put make up on each other with one of us behind the other one using our arms to apply makeup to their face.  It was fun.  It is now on you tube if anyone wants to see it.
Bedtime, church today and then everyone left about one.
John and I just got back from a long walk.
Nice temps, but the wind is very strong today.  Almost blew us over a few times.
Now we are back in for the night.
Another great weekend!

Here are a few photos:

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