Sunday, August 6, 2017

Our First FAmily Packer Day is in the Books

Well, another weekend is coming to an end.
These summer weekends are so much fun and the end is in sight.
On Friday night, John and I went to the Island Bar and Grill near Fort Atkinson to hear Pat McCurdy.
We really enjoyed this great bar that is located right on the banks of the Rock River.
I had a blue gill fish fry that was so  yummy.
We enjoyed the show very much because Pat McCurdy does not disappoint.
It was a fun way to start the weekend.

On Saturday we headed up to Oshkosh to take the girls to our first ever Packer Family Day.
We drove up with Courtney and Paul who had to work the game to earn money for Tizita's cheer costs.
We did not know what to expect from this experience.
Some parts of it, we absolutely loved.
Some parts of it, not so much.
The lines were long for all the activities, so we would not do that part again next year.
The food was very expensive.  ($53.00 for two burgers, a hot dog, 2 cookies and three sodas)  So next year we will bring our own food and tailgate.
We went in through the wrong gate so our wait was very long.
Once we were in the stadium itself, we walked around the whole stadium before finding the place to ride the escalators up to our seats.
There was a thunderstorm/lightning warning so everyone had to wait inside the stadium, so as we were walking around in a huge oval, we had to battle throngs of people.
Finally, we found the escalators and once we were up to the 600 level, it cleared out and we were finally able to relax in our seats.  The storm warning was over by the time we got up there.
The girls never once complained about any of it and I love the smiles in these photos!

So even long lines and expensive food could not take the joy out of seeing our granddaughters experience the magic of Lambeau Field for the first time.
Go Pack Go!

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