Sunday, June 4, 2017

Bring on the Summer!

Well, my first  full week of summer vacation is already over.
I spent Tuesday and Wednesday working in my classroom, organizing and rearranging things as well as cleaning.
On Thursday I was able to go up to Oshkosh and have lunch with Soliana at school with her kindergarten class and then to spend the afternoon over at the park.  It was a great fun day and I was so happy to be on the other side of the fence.  It is out of my comfort zone to not be in the teacher role and in control, but I soon fell into the role quite easily.
Here are some photos from that fun day:

Courtney and the girls took me to Fond du Lac where I hitched up with John and headed home.
I got changed and went to the graduation service at St. John's.  My preschoolers sing along with the entire school body so it was a great way to officially end the year.
After the service, John and I went over to Uptown Bar to try their pork tacos.  The were very good as were the two pitchers of beer.

On Friday, John took the day off and we went up to Oshkosh yet again.  We ate at Johnny Rockers and shopped at the Outlet Mall.
At 4:00 we met up with the Budreau family who were up in Oshkosh for a Bubble run.
We all went to the park, the zoo, and rode the train.
After that fun, we had dinner together at Fratello's
It was crowded and loud there, but they had  room for us and the kids were great.  All in all I think we had a great time together.
They are a super family.

John and I stayed overnight and on Saturday we took the girls to the Domes after lunch at a Burger joint in West Allis.
After the Domes we went to a play, Junie B. Jones at the Todd Wehr theater.
It was a very enjoyable day for all of us.
We ended the day with dinner at Marty's pizza.

Today, Sunday, we all went to church.
The girls were thrilled when they were asked to light the candles on the altar.
Kaliyah came and sat with us as usual.
After church, the girls helped John wash the cars, we made water bead slime, and we had fun on the slip and slide.

It was a great way to start the summer!
I think it will be good one.

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