Thursday, June 15, 2017

Little Amerikka became Riverbend today!

It was too hot today (92) to go to Little Amerikka for Courtney and I so we headed to Riverbend instead.
What a great decision that was.
Riverbend holds many memories for us.
1.  It was Rubidell when I was in High School and we used to ride our bikes out there (12 miles at least and these were not speed bikes).  The pond was so mucky but we always had fun out there.
2.  Many years ago, when Riverbend was turning it into an RV park, John and I sat through a timeshare thing just to get the prize of an Atari gaming system.  How we loved Pitstop, Q bert, and Frogger.
3.  I went there about 15 years ago with the Mary Linsmeier kids a few times.  The pond was still a muck hole but they had built a nice pool which we all enjoyed.
4.  Courtney was a lifeguard there after her sophomore year.  She lasted about a month when the Watertown Aquatic Center offered her a job and she took that one.

So those are some of the things that I remember about Riverbend.

We started our day out in the pond which may still be as mucky on the one side, I did not put my feet down there to test it, but there is a nice sandy beach area on the one side and some cool inflatables out in deep part.
We ate our lunch and then headed to the pool.
What a nice pool.  I even went down one of the big slides!
We had a great time at Riverbend and I am sure we will be returning.
Here are a few photos:

After our swimming, we headed to the new Mullen's for treats.
it was a great day all around.

Now I had to say good bye to Soliana after four days and nights.  i am going to miss her around here, but next week it's Tizita's turn!  

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